Ms. TER ~ January 2014

Thanks to all the lovely ladies of TER who participated on the Photo Board last month.

Based on participation and likes from our members, we are happy to announce that Ms. TER January 2014 is Julia Jones (JuliasLilSecret). Congratulations Julia!

Julia got her first review in September 2010 (TER ID 157388) and has become a respected member of the community. She is based out of the Carolinas.

While her reviews and her posts on the discussion boards, gives everyone some insight into who she is, we asked Julia to share a little more information about herself.

TER: What do you like about the hobby?

Julia: The hobby has been a wonderful place for me to meet and spend time with incredible people. I had no idea who I would be meeting when I started my adventure, and I have been nothing short of amazed at the number of intelligent and courteous gentlemen with whom I have had the privilege of spending time.

TER: What do you dislike about the hobby?

Julia: Human trafficking is still a big problem in the hobby and I fully support every effort to put an end to it. I only wish that law enforcement would devote its time to those truly being trafficked and not the people who are obviously in the hobby by personal choice.


TER: What are some of your short-term and long-term goals?

Julia: As a very motivated and goal-oriented lady, the hobby has allowed me to spend more time focusing on healthy eating, working out, planning new business ventures, volunteering, taking classes that expand my knowledge and interests, and, most importantly, caring for my family.
In several years, I will make the move into my next "full-time" business venture, although I am sure that the hobby will continue to be part of my life.

TER: Do you like to travel?

Julia: One of the many great bonuses in this hobby is the ability to travel. And while I cannot spend much time away from home due to my personal responsibilities, I have been able to visit areas, while working, that I have wanted to spend time. Some of the best experiences I've had have been with complete strangers who have flown me in to spend time with them for a day or two.

TER: What do you like doing in your free time?

Julia: Haha, what is free time?

TER: Anything else you would like to share with us?

Julia: The hobby, as with the rest of our life, will be whatever we decide to make of it. I had no idea where my adventure would take me when I started out just a little more than three years ago, and it's been a truly amazing experience filled with great times and wonderful people!

Thank you so much for the opportunities that you allow me to have!!

Julia also has a blog (you can find it from her personal website) where she shares more information.