Let your escape begin

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Current friends... you can reach me via e-mail any time.  I have had to move my e-mail address to the member section of my website.

(Please note that I am not available for same-day meetings and I need 48 hours to screen new friends.)

New friends... I am very pleased to tell you that I handle all of my correspondence and screening personally, and you are welcome to submit your inquiry through my contact form or e-mail ~ whichever you prefer.

I only see gentlemen who are 40+ years of age, and you will need to either provide me with the names and e-mail addresses of two established companions you have met with, or send me your full name, cell phone number, and employment information so that I can verify who you are. I have a family to care for, so my personal safety is paramount.

* If you have wanted to see me competition ready, now is the time! I am in contest prep and currently 10% body fat for summer 2018! *

Fill out my secure booking form

 ***Important cancellation disclosure ***

Please note that I have a cancellation policy of 50% within 48 hours of our date and 100% within 24 hours of our date.  While I understand things come up, I have expenses to cover including flights, hotels, and meals, so I need you to be 100% certain that you can honor the time you hold with me. This allows me to keep my volume low as well, which results in the best experience for both of us.

If your schedule is unpredictable, I am happy to prescreen you so that you can contact me for a date on short notice.  Please understand that flight delays and cancellations will still be subject to cancellation fees so please do not hold time if you are flying.  Instead, please ask me to pencil you in and let me know that I should accept another request if I receive one since you cannot be 100% certain that your flight will be on time.

Thank you so much for your consideration and understanding!